Your question: How long is the day in Spain?

City Málaga
Sunrise 07:53 am
Sunset 08:37 pm
Hours of daylight 12:44 h

Why are the days so long in Spain?

Spain’s clocks have been set to Central European time since World War II, which means the sun rises and sets later compared to countries in its region.

What time is night in Spain?

Night, Twilight, and Daylight Times in Madrid Today

Night 12:00 am – 6:13 am
Daylight 7:47 am – 8:36 pm
Civil Twilight 8:36 pm – 9:04 pm
Nautical Twilight 9:04 pm – 9:37 pm
Astro. Twilight 9:37 pm – 10:10 pm

What is the longest day in Spain?

The days in summer are long and in winter short. With up to approximately 15:10 hours the longest days are in Juni. On the other hand the longest dark nights happen in winter (in the southern hemisphere it is the other way around).

Where is the latest sunset in the world?

Samoa skips dateline: America Samoa now the last place on earth to see the sunset. As Samoa skips across the international deadline to bring it closer in time to Australia, American Samoa has become the last place on earth to see the sunset.

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Is Spain 6 hours ahead of us?

Spain (incl. … Spain is 6 hours ahead of New York.

Is all of Spain in the same time zone?

How Many Time Zones Are There in Spain? All of continental Spain, including the capital Madrid, observes the same time zone. However, the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco, add a 2nd time zone to the country. Here, the local time is 1 hour behind the mainland.

Is Spain ahead of UK time?

Spain time difference to England

Spain and Malaga are 1 hour ahead of England but it should be the same.

How long is summer in Spain?

Summer – from June to September

The months of June, July, August and September are the hottest and driest. Daytime temperatures are usually over 30 degrees centigrade.

Is Spain a kingdom?

Spain is a secular parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with King Felipe VI as head of state.


Kingdom of Spain Reino de España (Spanish) show 4 other names
Demonym(s) Spanish Spaniard
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King Felipe VI

What time is afternoon in Spain?

Examples in Use

English Spanish Time
In the afternoon a mediodía 13:00 – 15:00
In the late afternoon por la tarde 15:00 – 17:00
In the evening a media tarde 17:00 – 18:00
At night por la noche 21:00 and later
Temperamental Spain