Your question: How do you compare ages in Spanish?

How do you form a comparative in Spanish?

Comparative adjectives in Spanish are formed by:

  1. más + adjective + que.
  2. menos + adjective + que.

What is a comparative sentence in Spanish?

Spanish Comparatives – Los comparativos. Degrees of adjectives allow comparisons between the qualities of objects, people or even actions. … We generally use the verb ser (to be) to draw comparisons as we often compare traits or attributes. As stated above, however, actions can also be compared using any other verb.

How do you use peor in a sentence?

Peor sentence example

The LORD your god destroyed everyone among you who worshiped the god Baal while you were at Peor .

How do you compare two people in Spanish?

4 Ways to Use Comparatives in Spanish

  1. Use the rule más/menos + adjective + que to compare two things. …
  2. Use más/menos + adverb + que to describe differences in how something is done. …
  3. Use más/menos + noun + que to compare nouns or how many “things” someone has. …
  4. Use de if you’re comparing numbers.

How many types of comparative sentences are there in Spanish?

Spanish, however, has three comparative forms: superior, inferior, and equal.

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What is a superlative in Spanish?

Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. They are often used to talk about the most or the least of something. Adjectives are used to compare and contrast nouns in Spanish in comparisons of equality, comparisons of inequality, and in superlatives.

How do you use more than in Spanish?

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In this lesson I’m going to tell you how you can say “more than” in Spanish. Now, there are two different ways you can do it. One way is “más de” and that refers to quantity. And the other way is “más que” and that is used when you’re making comparisons between two things.

What are absolute superlatives in Spanish?

In Spanish there are two types of superlatives: el superlativo relativo (the relative superlative) and el superlativo absoluto (the absolute superlative). The latter expresses the adjective quality in its highest degree, above all other possible terms of comparison.

What does Megor mean?

comparative of the adjectives good or well. better; → mejor; superlative.

How do you use as much as in Spanish?

To say you have as much or as many of something as something else in Spanish, we use tanto … como if the thing we are comparing is a noun, or tanto como if what we are comparing is a verb.

Does MAS mean more or most?

Más is usually used as an adverb to mean “more” or “most.” Más can also be used as an adjective or pronoun meaning “more.”

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