You asked: What is a Spanish abanico?

Abanico, the Spanish word for hand fan. Abanico (music), a drum roll and rimshot played on timbales to introduce a new section.

Who invented the Abanico?

The first master fan makers (maestros abaniqueros, in Spanish) began in the 17th century. Some of the most important were Juan Sánchez Cabezas, Juan García de la Rosa, Francisco Álvarez de Borja or Jerónimo García.

Where are abanicos from?

Originating in China, abanicos (handheld paper fans) were first introduced to Europe in the 1400’s.

What does a fan symbolize?

Perhaps the most enduring role of the handheld fan is as the symbol of wealth or royalty, which stretches as far back as the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon and continues even to this day. In western culture, fans were commonly associated with the sophistication of the upper classes.

What is abanico Corto in arnis?

ABANICO CORTO and ABANICO LARGO – these are striking techniques which consist of moving the stick in front of the body in a fanning-like movement, hence the term “abanico” which is a Spanish word for fan. Contact us to learn more about the Filipino martial arts (Arnis/Eskrima/Kali) and our classes.

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