You asked: Do you pay VAT in Spain?

Spain applies a standard rate of VAT of 21% for most goods and services. A reduced rate of 10% is applicable for certain goods and services, e.g. if you buy a newly built property from a developer, transport services, etc.

How much VAT do you pay in Spain?

The general VAT rate in Spain is 21%, and the reduced rates are 18%, 10%, 8% or 4%, depending on the type of products or services.

What is VAT in Spain called?

In Spain, there is a sales tax that is called “IVA” or VAT (in Spanish “Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido), a tax applied on retail sales or services provided by professionals.

Do I charge VAT to UK from Spain?

Overview. If you sell, send or transfer goods out of the UK you do not normally need to charge VAT on them. You can zero rate most exports from: Great Britain to any destination outside the UK.

Who pays VAT in Spain?

Only businesses and individuals working as self-employed persons can legally charge VAT on their taxable operations. All businesses, except those that carry out exempt activities, are subject to VAT. All of them must deposit the VAT amounts charged with the Spanish Treasury (Hacienda) every three months.

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What services are exempt from VAT in Spain?

The following services and activities are all VAT exempt in Spain:

  • Medical and hospital services.
  • Dental services.
  • Aid services for the handicapped, OAPs etc provided by government bodies or social services agencies.
  • Education including the teaching of languages and private classes.

How do I claim VAT in Spain?

There are two ways to reclaim VAT after getting the form validated at Customs: – Through the Tax Free management body located where you are departing (a fee will be charged). The refund will be in euros, in cash, to your credit card, by cheque, or by bank transfer.

Can I claim VAT back in Spain?

The Spanish government has removed the minimum amount of €90.16 that previously applied to Tax Free Shopping transactions made in the country. This means that, whatever the value of the goods you purchase, you now have the right to claim back the VAT.

Should I charge VAT to European customers?

At the moment, for EU transactions, VAT is generally not charged on the supply of goods between businesses from another European country by the supplier. Instead, a business recipient is generally required to charge itself VAT, known as acquisition VAT, which is typically an accounting transaction on the VAT return.

How much is import tax from UK to Spain?

Value Added Tax ( VAT )

The standard VAT rate for importing products in Spain is 21 %, but in certain products, a reduced VAT rate of 10% or a reduction of 4% tax apply. The VAT is calculated on the value of the goods plus the costs of international shipping and insurance , in addition to import tariffs .

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Can I send a parcel to Spain after Brexit?

The first thing you need to know is that your shipment to Spain is considered an international shipment. Due to your parcels crossing country borders, you will be classified as an exporter and since Brexit has come into effect on 1st January 2021, a shipment to Spain is treated the same as any worldwide shipment.

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