Why did the Spanish appoint viceroys?

The viceroys were appointed by the king of Spain and the Council of the Indies from among noble Spanish families. … The viceroy’s princely salary was supposed to prevent corruption, and commercial dealings were forbidden to him.

What is a viceroy and what role did they play in the Americas?

A viceroy was a high ranking Spanish official appointed by the Spanish crown to govern the massive empire of New Spain. There were two viceroys, one for Spain’s northern holdings and one for Spain’s southern holdings.

Which was a check on the power of the viceroy?

In 1783, judicial power was vested in the audiencia, in part to check the power of the viceroy and in part as a concession to local demands for more responsive administration.

What role did the King Council of the Indies viceroys and local officials have in the colonial system?

The Council of the Indies drafted and issued American laws, served as the appellate court for civil cases arising in the American colonies, and exercised the power of royal nomination for American religious and secular offices.

What was New Spain known for?

Silver mining became integral to the wealth of New Spain; it also vastly enriched Spain and transformed the global economy. New Spain became the New World terminus of the Philippine trade. The territory became a vital link between Spain’s New World empire and its East Indies empire.

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What is a Spanish viceroy?

Viceroy (virrey) was the title given to the principal governors of Spain’s American colonies, as well as to the governors of the “kingdoms” (reinos) of peninsular Spain proper (e.g., Aragon, Valencia).

What is vise royalty?

: the office, authority, or term of service of a viceroy also : the territory or jurisdiction of a viceroy.

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