Which is the VAT number in Spain?

What is the VAT number Spain?

The Spanish VAT number is known in Spain as “Número de Identificación Fiscal” (short form: NIF) and is a prerequisite for European trade. Originally, the Spanish VAT number was known as “Código de Identificación Fiscal”. The NIF consists of a total of eleven characters.

How do I get a VAT number in Spain?

To obtain a Spanish VAT number, an application must be made in Spanish, which requires the following supporting information:

  1. VAT certificate to prove the business is registered for VAT elsewhere in the EU, if appropriate.
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  3. An extract from the company’s national trade register.

How do I find VAT number?

Your VAT number should be included on any documentation you send out, such as invoices. If you need to check if someone else’s VAT number is genuine, you can either: Call HMRC’s VAT helpline on 0300 200 3700. Check online using VIES, though newly registered VAT numbers don’t always appear straight away.

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Is nie a VAT number?

This number also serves as a Spanish VAT number. For more information, see our guide to the Spanish NIE number for foreigners as well as our guide to Spanish taxes.

What does a Spain VAT number look like?

There are two VAT numbers in Spain. The “regular” VAT number and a so-called “EU” VAT number used for intra-EU transactions. Spanish EU VAT numbers have 11 characters [ES + 1 letter + 8 digits].

Do you have to be VAT registered in Spain?

VAT registration in Spain is mandatory for all companies that provide goods and services that are taxable for this purpose within the Spanish VAT territory. … There are formal obligations to issue standard or simplified invoices and also to keep a set of records in order to justify the deduction of input VAT.

How long does it take to get a VAT number in Spain?

With our VAT registration service, once you send us the documents, you will receive your Spanish non-resident VAT number in 48 hours. A non-resident company is required to have a representative in Spain as a point of contact for the tax office.

Who has to register for VAT in Spain?

Foreign companies which wish to supply goods or services in Spain which are subject to VAT, are required to register their company for VAT in Spain. This involves registering the company with the Spanish Tax Office, and obtaining a non- residents tax code (NIE/ NIF). 2.

Can I find a company VAT number online?

To find a VAT number, you may need to search online, use a government database, or search a company form. Always verify a VAT number before submitting any official documents.

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Can you check if a company is VAT registered without a VAT number?

Checking a UK VAT Number is Correct

If you don’t have a valid number, then your business can not re-claim the VAT.

Do individuals have a VAT number?

No, they are not. Some traders are not registered for VAT because their businesses have a low turnover (sales) and so they cannot charge VAT on their sales (unless they are voluntarily registered)– and some business activities do not attract VAT.

Is a CIF number the same as a VAT number?

What is a CIF? It stands for certificado de identificación fiscal. … Whereas in many countries a company would be issued with a separate VAT number, in Spain the CIF also forms the VAT number.

What does an NIE number look like?

What does the NIE number look like? The NIE consists of an ‘X’ or ‘Y’ followed by 7 or 8 digits then another letter.

What is my NIE number?

N.I.E. is an abbreviation for Número de Identidad de Extranjero, which translates as Identification Number for Foreigners or Foreigners’ Identification Number, if you prefer. The NIE is your all-purpose identification and tax number in Spain.

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