Where can I change money in Spain?

In addition, in Spain it is easy to find ATMs to withdraw cash in shopping centres and shopping areas, large urban centres and historic centres in small towns. If you need to change your money to €, you will be able to do so at bureaus de change, at various banks, and at the majority of hotels and travel agencies.

Is it better to exchange money in Spain?

Exchanging money in Spain is easy and follows a similar pattern to elsewhere in southern Europe: ATMs, Banks, and Bureaux de change are your safest bets. … Usually, the bank rate will be given for exchange rather than the local tourist rate.

Can I go to any bank to exchange money?

Most major banks will exchange your U.S. dollars for a foreign currency if you have a checking or savings account with the institution. In some cases, a bank will exchange currency if you have a credit card with the bank.

Where can I exchange dollars for euros in Madrid?

Where to exchange money in Madrid

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Currency Bureau Address Contact Information
Ria Money Transfer & Currency Exchange Plaza de Callao, 4, 28012 Madrid, Spain +34 915 22 90 73
Money Exchange Calle de las Infantas, 1, 28004 Madrid, Spain +34 917 61 71 70
Ceca Banca Calle de Alcalá, 27, 28014 Madrid, Spain +34 915 96 50 00

Which bank is the best to exchange currency?

Local banks and credit unions usually offer the best rates. Major banks, such as Chase or Bank of America, offer the added benefit of having ATMs overseas. Online bureaus or currency converters, such as Travelex, provide convenient foreign exchange services.

Do all ATMs charge in Spain?

In Spain, you’ll find that most ATMs (“cajero automático” in Spanish, “caixer” in Catalan) have a withdrawing fee for international cards like Visa/Mastercard.

Which is the best bank for expats in Spain?

Best Banks in Spain for Expats

  1. BBVA Bank Spain. When it comes to opening a bank account in Spain and particularly for non-residents, the BBVA Bank Spain is definitely a choice to have in mind. …
  2. Banco Popular. …
  3. Santander Bank. …
  4. Sadabell Bank Spain. …
  5. Bankia Spain.

Where can I exchange currency for free?

Your bank or credit union is almost always the best place to exchange currency.

  • Before your trip, exchange money at your bank or credit union.
  • Once you’re abroad, use your financial institution’s ATMs, if possible.
  • After you’re home, see if your bank or credit union will buy back the foreign currency.

Can you exchange currency at the Post Office?

What do I do with any leftover currency? Unused currency can be exchanged for sterling at selected Post Office branches. You may need to produce your original Post Office receipt. Please click here to find your nearest branch.

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Does Walmart do currency exchange?

While Walmart does not accept foreign currency, they do allow customers to send and receive US currency to over 200 countries using the MoneyGram and Western Union services.

What is the exchange rate in Madrid Spain?

Major Currencies to EUR (Euro) Today in Madrid

Currency Exchange Rate at Madrid – Aug 05, 2021
Country Exchange Rate
United States ( USD ) 1 USD = 0.85 EUR
Japan ( JPY ) 100 JPY = 0.77 EUR
Great Britain ( GBP ) 1 GBP = 1.18 EUR

Can you use US dollars in Madrid?

Unless the current monetary situation is drastically altered, there is a reasonably favorable exchange rate in Spain when you pay in U.S. dollars. Prices in Madrid are generally high, but you get good value for your money.

Does Spain use pesos?

The peso is the monetary unit of several countries in the Americas and the Philippines. Originating in Spain, the word peso translates to “weight” and uses the peso sign (“$”; “₱” in the Philippines).


Country Spain
Former currency Spanish peso
Final Year 1869
Current currency Euro
Temperamental Spain