What is the Philippine education system from the pre Spanish era and Spanish period?

During the Pre-Spanish period, education was still decentralized. Children were provided more vocational training but lesser academics, which were headed by their parents or by their tribal tutors. They used a unique system of writing known as the baybayin.

How was an education in the pre colonial era and Spanish era?

During the pre-colonial period, most children were provided with solely vocational training, which was supervised by parents, tribal tutors or those assigned for specific, specialized roles within their communities (for example, the babaylan).

What was the focus of the education during the pre-Spanish era?

As early as in pre-Magellanic times, education was informal, unstructured, and devoid of methods. Children were provided more vocational training and less academics (3 Rs) by their parents and in the houses of tribal tutors. The pre-Spanish system of education underwent major changes during the Spanish colonization.

What education system does Philippines use?

Education in the Philippines is offered through formal and non-formal systems. Formal education typically spans 14 years and is structured in a 6+4+4 system: 6 years of primary school education, 4 years of secondary school education, and 4 years of higher education, leading to a bachelor’s degree.

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What are the 3 main reason of the Spanish colonization?

Spain had three objectives in its policy toward the Philippines, its only colony in Asia: to acquire a share in the spice trade, to develop contacts with China and Japan in order to further Christian missionary efforts there, and to convert the Filipinos to Christianity.

What was taught to children during the pre Spanish era?

The education during the Pre-Spanish time was informal and unstructured. The fathers taught their sons how to look for food and other means of livelihood while the mothers taught their daughters how to do household chores. These are basically to prepare them to become good husbands and wives.

What is the aim of pre Spanish period?

The purpose of education during theirtime was for survival. By the time Spain was replaced by the United States as the colonial power, Filipinos were among the most educated subjects in all of Asia.

Whats the difference between teaching as a job or a mission?

If you teach because it does not interfere with your other activities, it’s a job. If you are committed to teaching even if it means letting go of other activities, it’s a mission.

Why do you think there is a need for you to trace the historical development of education?

It provides identity and shows us models of good and responsible behaviour, as well as teaching us how to learn from the mistakes of others. History helps us understand how society can change and develop. If we don’t teach our children to connect with history, then the consequences for our society could be disastrous.

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