What does x2 mean in texting in Spanish?

What does a2 mean in Spanish text?

a2 — adiós — goodbye. ac — hace — (form of hacer) aki — aquí — here. amr — amor — love.

What are common Spanish texting phrases?

Most Common Spanish Texting Lingo

Spanish Text Spanish Meaning English Meaning
Gnl Genial Great
Grax Gracias Thank you
Hla Hola Hello
jjj/jajaja/jijiji jajaja/ jijiji Haha (laughing- i.e. laughing out loud)

What does ALC mean in Spanish texting?

it can also mean “al chile” that is like “yes” or “true”. But it’s a expression more common in teenagers.

What does x2 mean in algebra?

x2 means x times x. Also, X2 is not the same as x2. X2 (pronounced x sub 2) refers to a second unique value of x. For example, delta x (meaning a change in x on a graph)

What does x4 mean?

x4: Oriented to person, place, time, and situation.

What does HP mean in Spanish slang?

horsepower {noun} HP (also: fuerza de caballos, caballos, caballo de fuerza, caballo)

What does LMAO mean in Spanish?

LMAO expr. (informal) partiéndome el culo de risa expr. Is something important missing?

What is text in Spanish?

transitive verb. to text sb enviar un mensaje (de texto) or un SMS a algn.

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How do you say texting in Spanish slang?

When asked, “How do I say ‘texting’ in Spanish?”, I usually tell people that while some Latinos say textear, even though it’s not an official word yet, it’s more common to say Mándame un Whatsapp/mensaje.

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