What does UNAM mean in Spanish?

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (Spanish: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, abbreviated as UNAM) was founded in 1551, making it the oldest in North America.

What does Doar mean in Spanish?

[doˈar ] Full verb table transitive verb. to donate , give.

What does PES mean in Spanish?

Pes — > Extrasensory perception (ESP)

What does Infulas mean in Spanish?

ínfulas Noun. ínfulas, la ~ (f) (comportamientoairehumosposturaposeairestrazaactitud afectada) bearing, the ~ Noun. grand manner, the ~ Noun.

Is UNAM expensive?

Studying bachelor’s at UNAM is relatively inexpensive – only 1,000 USD per year. The master’s degree will cost an applicant about 1,000 USD per an academic year. In addition to full time programs, the university also offers a wide range of online courses.

What is the meaning of Darwaza?

/daravājā/ mn. gate countable noun. A gate is a structure like a door which is used at the entrance to a field, a garden, or the grounds of a building.

Is Peces masculine or feminine?

Most nouns that end in “a”, “d”, “z” or “ción” are generally feminine nouns.

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