What does the Spanish word armor mean?

What does Azura mean in Spanish?

What is the meaning of the name Azura? The name Azura is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Sky Blue.

What does the Spanish word odyssey mean?

/ˈɑː.dɪ-/ a long, exciting journey. odisea. The film follows one man’s odyssey to find the mother from whom he was separated at birth. figurative a spiritual odyssey.

What does the Spanish word Monde mean?

It means “world“….

Does amor mean love?

Etymologeek states that the word “amor” comes from the Latin “amor,” meaning “love,” “beloved,” or “love affair.” This comes from the latin verb “amare,” meaning “to love.” Many romance languages have similar roots for words meaning love. For example, the French word for love is amour.

Is amor a word?

Those three languages abound in words for “love” based on the Latin root word am meaning “love.” Let’s first focus on words for the noun “love:” the Spanish word is amor, the Italian amore, and the French is amour.

What is the meaning of Poco Loco?

English Translation. little crazy. More meanings for poco loco. dizzy adjective.

Why do Mexicans say Mande instead of que?

Yes, ¿Mande? is a legacy of colonialism—Cortés used the term in his letters—but so what? So is the word tortilla and the corrido. … instead of the informal ¿Que? or ¿Cómo? or ¿Perdón? (words that Mexicans also use, by the way) to maintain racial superiority.

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