What decorations are used for Christmas in Spain?

People go there to buy piles of fruits, flowers, marzipan and other sweets, candles, decorations and hand-made gifts. Some of the most famous ones include the market in Plaza Mayor, in Madrid and Fira de Santa Llucía in Barcelona. Both are beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and a tree.

How does Spain decorate Christmas?

Christmas Trees, Belén Decorations and Gifts.

They often add their touch of Spanish grace with such characters as a Caganer (in Catalan culture and neighbouring areas) or flamenco dancers (in Andalusia). Christmas trees are usually fir trees in the north of Spain and pine trees in the south.

What do families in Spain decorate their homes with for Christmas?

Each December, Catalan families decorate a wooden log with a face and legs. It’s kept in the house or garden, and covered with a blanket to keep it from getting cold. This log is called the Caga Tió—the “pooping log.” Why? Well, on Christmas Day, children gather around the log and start to beat it with sticks.

What happens on the 24 of December in Spain?

Christmas Eve, or Nochebuena in Spanish, is celebrated on December 24 and is generally a family affair. Usually, members of the extended family gather around a feast of meat, wine, typical foods not eaten at other times of the year, and all kinds of desserts.

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What is the difference between Christmas in Spain and America?

Christmas in Spain is unlike Christmas in the United States. The Christmas season runs much longer. While in the United States it ends on Christmas Day, in Spain it continues to January 6th, Three Kings Day.

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