Quick Answer: What do they eat for Christmas in Spain?

Seafood. The Spanish want to eat well and for an occasion like Christmas, they spare no expense. It’s common to see seafood at the Christmas Eve dinner, which typically includes prawns or lobster, either fresh or in a seafood soup or stew.

What time is Christmas dinner in Spain?

The Wise Kings on the Epiphany, the Nativity scene, the Innocent Saints Day… all these Spanish Christmas customs come from the fact that Spain is a traditionally Catholic country, and it is common practice for people to go to church on Christmas Eve after their big Christmas dinner for the ‘misa del gallo’ at 12 pm.

What do Spaniards drink for Christmas?

Cava is one of the most traditional and beloved holiday drinks in Spain. This Spanish bubbly is a champagne style sparkling wine produced mainly in Catalonia (also in parts of Extremadura, Aragon and Valencia), but enjoyed throughout all of Spain.

Is Christmas a good time to visit Spain?

Spain is a beautiful country to visit, no matter what time of the year it is. Spain weather in December is quite cold at times with even colder nights. However, there’s a good chance you’ll get to enjoy some warmer days during your stay with temperatures reaching up to 14°C.

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