Quick Answer: How do I find out my NIE number in Spain?

Can I get my NIE number online?

Spanish bureaucracy can be complex and unfortunately, you can’t apply for an NIE number online. … If you are moving to Spain or have any economic, professional or family connection with the nation, you will need to apply for a Número de Identidad de Extranjero, or an NIE – which is a Foreigners’ Identification Number.

Where can I find my NIE?

You will have the same NIE number forever; no matter if you lose, renew or get a new card. Nevertheless, that NIE is printed in your residency card or TIE (“tarjeta de identificación del extranjero”). That is, the plastic that you carry physically with you, the document that includes your NIE.

How do I get a copy of my NIE certificate?

How Do I Replace Lost/Stolen/Illegible Residency or NIE Certificate? You need to go to the Policia Nacional, Foreigners Office in your area and ask for a duplicate ´duplicado´. Most offices require you to make an appointment first ´cita previa´.

What documents do I need for NIE number?

For the appointment, you must bring all the forms filled out correctly and preferably copies of them, your original passport and a copy of it, proof of why you need the NIE number (e.g. a job contract, a contract that shows your intentions to buy a house in Spain, an acceptance letter from a school…) and proof that …

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How can I get my NIE number fast?

Fast | Easy | Safe.

  1. Apply for your NIE Number. Complete the NIE application form with your personal details, such as your name, surname, date of birth, nationality, and reasons to apply for the NIE number. …
  2. Send us the POA. …
  3. Receive your NIE Number.

How long can I stay in Spain if I have an NIE number?

You’ll be able to stay for up to 90 days in any 180-day period,” a statement in the official government website reads.

Can I travel to Spain if I have an NIE number?

Those who do not have the green residency certificates (NIE), but have applied for and are still waiting for their new TIE cards, are also allowed to travel to Spain and have been given a seven-day grace period until January 10 to be able to get it.

What happens if I lost my resident card?

To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged green card, you need to fill out Form I-90 (officially called the “Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card”), provide supporting documentation, and, if required, pay a filing fee.

Do I need NIE or tie?

A NIE is assigned to any foreign citizen who needs to carry out formalities with the Spanish government, even if they don’t have permission to reside in Spain. … A TIE is first and foremost a form of proof of permission to reside or remain in Spain for a specific period of time.

Can you get a Spanish NIE number in the UK?

NIE numbers are issued by the National Police of Spain (same authority that issues Spanish passports and ID cards). You can apply for a NIE number in person, at the Consulate of Spain. There are three Spanish consulates in UK: London, Manchester and Edinburg.

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Is my NIE number still valid after Brexit?

If you already have the green A4 certificate or small credit-card-sized green paper saying you are registered as an EU citizen (Registro de Cuidadano de la Unión Europea) and showing your NIE number, whether it says ‘permanente’ or not, this green document is indefinite proof of your post-Brexit rights and you do not …

Is NIE residency?

Short answer: a NIE number is for making business and is not a Certificate of Residency. … In Spanish: Número de Identidad de Extranjero. The NIE is needed for anything that involves an official process in Spain. From getting married to pay your taxes or to buy a house.

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