Is there a demand for English teachers in Spain?

It’s no surprise that Spain is a popular destination for foreigners to teach English abroad. … With Spain’s growing demand for English teachers, you will find a range of positions available all over the country, from private tutor to classroom assistant to head teacher.

How much English teachers make in Spain?

Typical Hourly or Monthly Wage

Hourly wages vary hugely for English teachers in Spain. Around 12 to 16 euros per hour is the average, but rates can vary from around 10 euros an hour to 25, depending on the experience required, the level of preparation for each class you’re expected to do and luck.

Is teaching English in Spain worth it?

Teaching in Spain is highly fulfilling, challenging, and allows you the freedom to enjoy your life outside the class as a TEFL teacher. I’d highly recommend Spain, and also Seville, as a great place to teach English and live.

How do I get a job teaching English in Spain?

Here are some great tips for finding English teaching jobs in Spain:

  1. TEFL certification is # 1. The first thing you will need is a professional TEFL certification to be considered for an English teaching job in Spain. …
  2. Go to Spain! …
  3. Hiring seasons are critical. …
  4. Go to the largest cities. …
  5. Teach English Online.
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What countries need English teachers the most?

9 countries looking for English teachers

  1. Brazil. Brazil is one of the countries in high demand for English teachers due to a boom in business, trade, and tourism. …
  2. Cambodia. ESL teaching positions in Cambodia’s job market are growing quickly. …
  3. China. …
  4. Colombia. …
  5. Mexico. …
  6. Morocco. …
  7. Russia. …
  8. South Korea.

Do teachers get paid well in Spain?

Spain’s entry level salary for such teachers was also nearly $8,500 above the OECD average and the EU average, $32,485 and $32,274 respectively. For primary school teachers, the entry level salary in Spain was $36,405, also above the OECD and EU averages of $29,494 and $28,934 respectively.

How much is rent in Spain?

The average monthly rent is about 600 euros.

Obviously, if you move away from the central areas and avoid cities like Barcelona or Madrid, you can find rentals of 400 euros easily.

Can you make a living teaching English in Spain?

It’s complicated, but the short answer is yes. You can make a decent (but not glamorous) living as an English teacher in Madrid – and probably elsewhere in Spain. The long answer is, of course, that it depends on what you’re doing and what you consider to be “a living”.

Can I teach English in Spain without a degree?

Spain. … Well, the good news is, many positions in Spain hire teachers with TEFL/TESOL certification only and do not require a degree. The catch is, some language institute positions require that you’re eligible to work in the European Union, so this country may still be out of reach for American teachers.

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Is it easy to get a job teaching English in Spain?

Finding a Job Teaching English Abroad in Spain

The difficulty in finding a job depends on what type of position you are applying for. If you are applying for the Language and Cultural Assistant program, the application process is quite competitive and very straightforward.

What jobs are in demand in Spain?

Let’s find out. According to the data gathered from the interviews with Human Resources directors, the categories currently in the highest demand in Spain are: Sales (26.34%), Engineering (24.19%), Technology (23.12%), Marketing (9.14%) and Administration, Finance and Legal (4.30%).

What is the most Recognised TEFL course?

Any course aimed at training you for teaching English as a foreign language can be referred to as a Tefl course. The two most internationally recognised qualifications are the Cambridge Celta and the Trinity CertTesol. These are the two courses most employers know and prefer.

How much is a good salary in Spain?

The average annual income in Spain is around €27,000, which is lower than many other EU countries. However, Spain also has a lower cost of living than most of its western European neighbors. A full-time worker may take 22 working days (30 calendar days) of paid holiday time annually.

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