Is Mi Casa Spanish?

English Translation. my home. More meanings for mi casa. my house.

Is the word casa Spanish?

The word ”casa” in portuguese means ”house” (building), but the meaning of ”home” its possible too. In spanish ”Mi casa és tu casa” is translated to english as ”My home is your home”.

Where did the phrase mi casa es su casa come from?

From the Spanish mi casa es su casa (“make yourself at home”, literally “my house is your house”).

Can Su mean her?

Also, you should note that su can also mean “his,” “her,” “its” or “their.” So “su computadora could mean “his computer,” “her computer,” “its computer,” “their computer,” “your computer” when speaking to one person, or “your computer” when speaking to more than one person.

What do Escuela mean?

Noun. escuela f (plural escuelas) school (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning) school (the followers of a particular doctrine)

What is Spanish CASA in English?

Spanish, literally ‘house‘.

What’s the meaning of Mi Casa Su Casa?

mi casa es su casa: a common Spanish expression used in English, meaning “welcome” or “make yourself at home”

What is Mi Casa in Korean?

My (house in Korean)“.. You know that song? That word was so good.. It’s probably spanish.. So I added “Mi Casa”…

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