How long would it take to sail from America to Spain?

U.S. East Coast to the Mediterranean, departing every two to three weeks and carrying six passengers, travels from New York to Spain in 18 days.

How long would it take to get to Spain by boat?

Transatlantic crossings generally take about 14 days. Select your route through the ferry/cruise/travel agency website of your choice. You might have to research departure and return dates before choosing your travel timetable as some ferries/cruises only depart on certain dates and at certain times.

How long does it take to sail from Spain to North America?

Sailing across the Atlantic takes about 3-4 weeks but you can cut it down to two weeks if you get lucky, take shortcuts, and your sailboat is fast.

How long does it take to sail from Spain to South America?

That could take between 7–10 weeks depending on the winds & weather using a large galleon or frigate. Towards the end of the age of sail that journey was cut down to about 2 weeks with a sloop.

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How long did it take to get from Spain to America?

The fleet then fought the winds, traveling only 32 miles over 25 days, and arriving at a plain on the north coast of Hispaniola on 2 January 1494. There, they established the settlement of La Isabela.

Is it cheaper to travel by boat?

Commercial air travel is significantly less expensive than commercial sea travel. You can fly from New York to London for less than $1,000, in most cases, but a cruise can cost two to three times as much.

How long is a boat ride from Florida to Spain?

Between 4 and 30 days on the north Atlantic route.

Is it hard to sail across the Atlantic?

So, in general, it’s not super hard. … Most sailors agree that this is the most difficult part of crossing the Atlantic. It does take some nerve to cross an ocean. Open sea can get quite rough, and when it does, the waves are higher and the winds blow harder than anything you’re used to inland.

Can you still sail across the Atlantic?

For more than 200 years, a transatlantic voyage on a passenger ship was the only way to cross the Atlantic. While it is not as fast a means of transportation as flying, it is still possible to sail both ways and see something of Europe within a reasonable period of time.

How much does it cost to sail to Europe?

Itineraries range from seven-day, one-way trips to 27-day round trips, and prices range from $800 to $2,500 per person, depending on the itinerary and time of year. These cruises are necessary for each ship and usually take place in the low season, which is why the prices stay generally low.

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What is the best time to sail across the Atlantic?

Timing. The best time to cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean or South America is between November and February. The Mid-Atlantic tradewinds – Easterly winds that travel continuously from east to west – are stable and (usually) unaffected by hurricanes at this time of year.

Is it hard to sail around the world?

While it is possible to sail around the world fast (the world record is doing it in only 40 days), an around the world sailing trip takes three or four years on average. Sailing around the world is not a vacation but an epic adventure that takes up a significant chunk of your life.

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