How do you use a Spanish washing machine?

Normally, you throw your clothes in the washing machine, with your detergent, press a couple buttons and you’re good to go. You take your clothes out, move them to the dryer, throw in a dryer sheet, press another button or two and voila, fresh clean and dry clothes in a couple hours.

How do European washers work?

European washers tend to heat their own water, while American washers bring in heated or cold water from the house’s heating system. … A longer cycle also means that European models use more electricity but less water, although these differences are fading with the development of energy-efficient models.

What are the washing machine settings to use?

The most common washing cycle options include:

  • Cottons. This is suitable for cotton garments or clothes that require a high agitation wash, like bed sheets and towels. …
  • Synthetics. …
  • Delicates. …
  • Quick wash. …
  • Hand wash.

How do you use a washing machine first?

What is the procedure for using washing machine for the first…

  1. Press the (On/Off) button. …
  2. Pour a little detergent into compartment in the detergent drawer.
  3. Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.
  4. Press the Temperature button repeatedly until 40 ˚C is displayed.
  5. Press the Start/Pause button.

What country puts washing machines in the kitchen?

But in Germany, homeowners don’t keep their washing machines in the kitchen, instead having them fitted in a different room in the house. Photos of the set up has baffled Brits, but when you think about it it actually makes a lot of sense. That’s right, they have them in the bathroom.

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Is it OK to run a washing machine empty?

Yes you should always run a new washing machine empty first to ensure that it is as clean as possible. … You should turn your washing machine on once it has been plumbed in and put it on a hot wash with no clothes inside. This will clean the inside of the machine and make sure that there are no problems with the machine.

Is delicate setting the same as hand wash?

A delicate wash cycle is the machine equivalent to handwashing, this cycle uses warm or cold water with low or no spin. It’s the shortest and most gentle cleaning cycle. If the machine defaults to warm water, we recommend you override this by selecting cold water.

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