How do you get around Toledo Spain?

Do you need a car in Toledo Spain?

A car is useless within Toledo’s city walls, where the narrow, twisting streets are no fun to navigate. Ideally, see the old town outside of car-rental time.

Is Toledo Spain worth visiting?

Toledo is worth a visit, even an overnight if you dont want to just hit the main tourist list and leave. But I would opt to spend the extra night in Seville, or Madrid, or Zaragoza (my favorite Spanish city). The best part about Spain is that it retains its unique historical character – Toledo has a ton of it.

Is it easy to drive in Spain?

Driving in Spain is typically a pleasurable experience. The roads are good, there’s not too much traffic and petrol is cheaper than in other European countries. It’s easy to forget about what you’re doing when driving in Spain, especially if the sun is shining.

What is the best car rental in Spain?

Best Car Rental Companies in Spain

  • #1 – MALCO RENT A CAR …
  • #2 – COYS RENT A CAR …
  • #4 – LIBRA RENT A CAR …
  • #5 – ALL-IN CAR HIRE …
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Which is better Toledo or Segovia?

As amazing as Segovia’s cathedral is, Toledo’s is better. And that’s not just our opinion. The cathedral of Toledo is often cited as the pinnacle of High Gothic architecture in all of Spain. And while it doesn’t feel as large as Segovia’s, it is far more ornate.

How many days do you need in Toledo?

Ideally, you should try and spend 2 full days and at least 2 nights in Toledo. One day is just not enough time for a city which was the capital of Spain before Madrid arrived on the scene.

How can I get around Spain cheap?

Flying a budget airline between Spanish cities is almost always cheaper than taking the high-speed train, and a good portion of the time, it’s cheaper than taking a slow train. If the trains, buses, and flights don’t go where you want to go when you want to go, arrange a rideshare with Bla Bla Car instead.

What is the best way to get around in Spain?

The best way to travel long distances in Spain is to book the high-speed train or AVE (Alta Velocidad) which run between most major cities. A train ride from Barcelona to Madrid covers some 500km (311 miles) in just 2hrs 40 minutes, while a train from Madrid to Seville takes around the same time.

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