How do we say bestie in Spanish?

What is the Spanish word for bestie?

bestie(also: best friend) mejor amiga{f}

How do you say bestie in Mexican?

4 Answers

  1. votes. Te quiero, mi mejor amiga. posted by jeezzle.
  2. votes. Que carinoso! Mejor amigo o amiga significa best friend. …
  3. votes. Best friend = Mejor amigo/a. posted by Vicente1.
  4. vote. Yep!! All these people are correct!!! “Mejor amigo / amiga” (depending on gender) means “best friend”.

How do you say hi bestie in Spanish?

¡Hola mejor amigo!

How do you say goodnight bestie in Spanish?

Buenas noches, mi amigo.

What is Bestie Arabic?

“best friend” in Arabic

volume_up. best friend {noun} AR. أَعَزّ صَديقٍ

How do you say my bestie in Spanish?

I say “eres mi mejor amigo” when my friend is a boy, and “eres mi mejor amiga” when my friend is a girl.

What is a Mexican friend called?

Cuate is slang for ‘friend’, as is compa, carnal and cabrón. They tend to be used to varying degrees depending which part of Mexico you’re in, and cabrón can also be used as an insult at times.

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How do you say bestie in different languages?

In other languages friend

  1. American English: friend /ˈfrɛnd/
  2. Arabic: صَدِيق
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: amigo.
  4. Chinese: 朋友
  5. Croatian: prijatelj.
  6. Czech: přítel.
  7. Danish: ven.
  8. Dutch: vriend.

What do you call your best friend?

Cute Best Friend Nicknames

  • Chipmunk.
  • Dottie.
  • Cutie Pie.
  • Bonny Lass.
  • Sweetums.
  • Toots.
  • Buttercup.
  • Lovey.

How do you spell bestie in Chinese?

Translation of bestie – English–Mandarin Chinese dictionary


What is a sweet way to say goodnight?

Saying “nighty night,” “night,” “night sleep tight,” and “night sweet dreams” are cute ways to say goodnight to your crush. Good night texts don’t have to be anything complicated. Solid good night texts are sweet and can be slightly flirty if wanted.

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