How do I contact Barcelona academy?

How do I contact FC Barcelona academy?

Telephone: 902 1899 00 or +34 93 496 3600 (from abroad) By fax or e-mail: + 34 93 496 37 97 or write an e-mail to

How do I contact Barcelona FC by email?


  1. Phone number: (+34) 902 1899 00.
  2. Fax: + 93 411 2219.
  3. E-mail:

How can I join FC Barcelona academy?


  1. ID / Passport of the applicant, original or photocopy.
  2. Bank account number.
  3. Libro de Familia or photocopy, for whom the membership is requested.
  4. ID of the father, mother or legal guardian.
  5. A passport-size photo if the child is not present.

How much does Barcelona academy cost?

The raw cost of sending a player to Barça Residency is in excess of $70,000 a year. For many players, that is beyond what the family can afford. The saving grace at Barça Residency is the scholarship program.

How much are Barcelona players paid?

By 2019, Barcelona’s first team wage bill had escalated out of control. The mean figure for player’s salaries was just over 10.4 million euros per player, their squad spending limit was 671.4 million.

What is the name of the Barcelona football stadium?

What age is too late to become a footballer?

There’re multiple factors that affect one’s ability to become a pro player. However, considering that soccer is a sport that requires one to develop through different stages, it’s, generally, too late to become a professional player when you’re past 23 years old.

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