Frequent question: Who is Barcelona biggest legend?

Lionel Messi holds the record for most goals and appearances for Barcelona.

Who is the greatest legend of Barcelona?

Regarded by many as the best player in the history of the game, Messi has cemented his status in Barcelona lore by dominating the sport for more than a decade.

Who is a Barcelona legend?

Barça Legends: Angoy, Juan Carlos, Dehu, Tortolero, Goikoetxea, Deco, Mendieta, Arpón, Rivaldo, Saviola, Ronaldinho. Guzmán, Amor, Ronald de Boer, Coco, Jofre Mateu and Okunowo also featured.

What is the biggest win of Barcelona?

Biggest Wins

# Date Attendance
1 Sep 11, 1949 10:1
2 Dec 22, 2011 9:0
3 Jan 14, 1979 9:0
4 Mar 28, 1954 9:0

Has Messi left Barcelona?

A tearful Lionel Messi confirmed he was leaving Barcelona after 21 years at his farewell press conference on Sunday morning. Barcelona said on Thursday that Messi will not be staying at the club “because of financial and structural obstacles”.

Who is the best player in Barcelona 2021?

Lionel Messi is the LaLiga Top Scorer ever (474 goals). Only Cristiano Ronaldo (476) has been the player to have scored more than the Argentinian player in the Top 5 European Leagues ever. Lionel Messi has scored 672 goals for Barcelona in all competitions.

2020 26
2021 28

Who has won most El Clasico matches?

Who has won El Clásico the most?

  • Total wins for FC Barcelona: 96.
  • Total wins for Real Madrid: 98.
  • Draws: 52.
  • Goals for FC Barcelona: 401.
  • Goals for Real Madrid: 410.
  • Home wins for FC Barcelona: 63.
  • Home wins for Real Madrid: 64.
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Who has most appearances for Barcelona?

FC Barcelona record appearances (All-time appearances)

Ranking Name Total
1. Xavi 767
2. Lionel Messi 705
3. Andrés Iniesta 674
4. Carles Puyol 593
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