Frequent question: What is the feminine version of Alto in Spanish?

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1 Common alta [adj]

What’s the difference between Alto and Alta?

Alto | Compare Spanish Words – SpanishDict. “Alta” is a form of “alta”, a noun which is often translated as “discharge form”. “Alto” is a form of “alto”, an adjective which is often translated as “tall”.

What is the Spanish word for feminine?

La casa (feminine), el dinero (masculine.)

Is Calle in Spanish feminine?

Feminine nouns that end with “e” (exceptions): The street – La calle.

What are the four ways to say your in Spanish?

“You” in Spanish

Pronoun Number and Formality
singular and informal
vos singular and formal or informal
usted singular and formal
vosotros plural and informal

Why is La Mano feminine?

Words that are shortened versions of other words. For example, la foto (photograph) is feminine because it’s short for la fotografía. … Words that are just exceptions, such as mano and día. Usually these exceptions come from the way the words were treated in Latin.

What is they feminine in French?

ils (meaning they) and elles (meaning they) are used in the plural to talk about things, as well as about people or animals. Use ils for masculine nouns and elles for feminine nouns.

Is Pan feminine or masculine?

Thus, for instance, in French le poele (masculine) is stove; la poele (feminine) is frying pan.

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How is Calle pronounced?

Pronunciation: Sounds like Calais, the French city. Accent ague on the ‘e,’ making it sound like an ‘a. ‘

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