Does Spanish look good for medical school?

If you plan on working as a doctor in the US, you’re going to want to study a foreign language, namely Spanish, for as many years as you can. If you already speak Spanish, then great – study Latin. … Some schools offer “Spanish for Pre-Medical and Health Students” or “Medical Spanish” courses – if yours does, take it!

Is Spanish Good for medical school?

The fastest growing group in the US is the Hispanic/Latino population, so fluency in Spanish will be an advantage in your medical career. If you’re looking at residencies in places with large Spanish-speaking communities e.g. the Southwest US, it will be something you can bring out when applying.

Do you need Spanish for med school?

No, but it is recommended at some medical schools. For example, medical schools in California highly recommend that its applicants have some knowledge of Spanish. … Note that learning a foreign language can only help strengthen one’s application.

Does a Spanish minor look good for med school?

Your Spanish minor will not impress medical schools. That said, the ability to speak Spanish may be an asset depending on your location.

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Can I major in Spanish and go to med school?

It is perfectly possible to major in Spanish (or Gameboy, if you’d prefer) and still get into medical school.

Do med schools care about languages?

No, but it is recommended at some medical schools. Schools that are located in states where foreign-language speakers are widely prevalent will probably recommend its applicants to learn a foreign language. … Many medical schools do not even consider applicants whose GPA and MCAT scores fall well below their averages.

Do you need a foreign language for pre med?

Foreign Language

Even though taking a second language is not required for medical school admission, if you do well it won’t do anything but strengthen your application. Some schools offer “Spanish for Pre-Medical and Health Students” or “Medical Spanish” courses – if yours does, take it!

Can you take language classes in medical school?

Nobody knows your language skills. Medical school is tough, learning languages is tough, but everybody has 24 hours in a day. If you really wanted to, and have the ability to balance, then yes, you can learn.

Do minors look good in medical school?

A minor can be a nice addition to a medical school application, but it is unlikely to make or break an acceptance. … If you have already selected a time-intensive major, such as one that requires many classes with labs, adding a minor might detract from your academic performance in your major.

What major is best for surgeon?

Since there is no major in surgery, aspiring surgeons must pick a different major before entering medical school, such as human physiology, health sciences, or human biology.

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