Best answer: What pronoun would you use to talk to your boss in Spanish?

What pronoun would you use in Spanish when talking to your boss?

You (singular)

If the person you are talking to is your friend, use tú. If, on the other hand, you are talking to a stranger, your boss, your teacher, someone who is older than you, use usted. In short, tú is used in informal situations and usted is used in formal situations.

What pronoun do you use when talking in Spanish?

Vosotros and vosotras are used to speak directly to a group of people you are very familiar with. Vosotros and vosotras follow the same rules for gender as nosotros and nosotras.

What pronoun should I use in Spanish?

The Spanish subject pronouns are: yo, tú, él, ella, usted in the singular, and nosotros/nosotras, vosotros/vosotras, ellos/ellas, ustedes in the plural. Don’t use the subject pronouns (other than usted and ustedes) with verbs except for emphasis or clarity.

What pronoun would you use talking to a stranger who is older than you in Spanish?

Subject Pronouns in Spanish: The Basics

Singular (talking to one person) Plural (talking to 2+ people) – in Spain ONLY
Formal (talking to a stranger, supervisor, customer, or someone significantly older than you) Usted Ustedes
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What are the 12 Spanish subject pronouns?

The 12 Personal Subject Pronouns of Spanish

  • yo — I.
  • tú — you (singular familiar)
  • usted — you (singular formal)
  • él, ella — he, she.
  • nosotros, nosotras — we.
  • vosotros, vosotras — you (plural familiar)
  • ustedes — you (plural formal)
  • ellos, ellas — they.

What are the four ways to say your in Spanish?

“You” in Spanish

Pronoun Number and Formality
singular and informal
vos singular and formal or informal
usted singular and formal
vosotros plural and informal

What are the 8 Spanish pronouns?

Here are the subject pronouns:

  • I: Yo.
  • You: Tú (informal) / Usted (Formal):
  • He: Él.
  • She: Ella.
  • We: Nosotros / Nosotras.
  • You, plural and informal: Vosotros / Vosotras.
  • You, plural and formal: Ustedes.
  • They: Ellos / Ellas.

How do you know what subject pronoun to use in Spanish?

What Are the Subject Pronouns?

  1. yo — I.
  2. tú — you (informal or familiar singular)
  3. usted — you (formal singular)
  4. él, ella — he, she.
  5. nosotros, nosotras — we (the first form refers to a group of males or males and females, while the second form refers to females only)
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