Best answer: What does munecas mean in Spanish?

What does munecas mean in English?

Muñeca means “doll” or “wrist”.

Can you call a girl Muñeca?

Member. I agree with Carmen, “Hola, muñeca” when they meet a girl/woman (in a informal way). It is similar to “Hello pretty”.

What is Muneka?

muñeca f (plural muñecas) (anatomy) wrist Synonym: carpo. doll (figure) (colloquial) chick, babe, doll (attractive woman)

What’s the meaning of Posadas?

[ poh-sah-duh; Spanish paw-sah-thah ] SHOW IPA. / poʊˈsɑ də; Spanish pɔˈsɑ ðɑ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun, plural po·sa·das [poh-sah-duhz; Spanish paw-sah-thahs]. (in some Spanish-speaking countries) a government-operated or -approved inn offering moderately priced rooms to tourists, especially in a historic area.

How do you say etymology in Spanish?

etymology n. etimología nf. Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.

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