Are Spanish people unfaithful?

Four out of every ten Spanish people admit that they have been unfaithful at least once. More than half of Spanish women believe that men are usually “more unfaithful” and two out of every three believe they have been cheated on.

Is Cheating common in Spain?

Whereas 33 percent admitted to having cheated on their partners, the great majority of respondents said the had remained faithful. In Spain that year, around 30 percent of the surveyed population reported they had between one to three sex partners in their lifetime.

Which country is the most unfaithful?

This list prepared by the shows the countries that are most often cited as having illicit affairs.

  • Spain 39% …
  • Belgium 40% …
  • Norway 41% …
  • France 43% …
  • Germany 45% …
  • Italy 45% …
  • Denmark 46% …
  • Thailand 56% But it’s Thailand which grabbed the top spot with 56% of the population admitting to being unfaithful.

Is Spanish loyal?

They are hopeless romantics

Spanish men are loyal, trustworthy and extremely romantic with their signifiant other. They are also not afraid to show you their feelings and true self, and they don’t play games.

Is adultery a crime in Spain?

On 26 May 1978, adultery was eliminated as a criminal offense in Spain’s penal code. This took place as a result of the repeal of Articles 449 and 452.

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Which nationality is best to marry?

Most Filipinos work in other countries as domestic workers, which makes it easier for them to contact foreigners. Therefore they can be considered as the best nationality to marry. Although the divorce rate in the Philippines is quite low – it is the best indicator of the loyalty of girls.

What’s the meaning of Spaniard?

English Language Learners Definition of Spaniard

: a person born, raised, or living in Spain : a Spanish person.

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