Your question: What are three animals you might find in Spain?

Amid some of the finest mountain scenery in Spain, there is a good chance of seeing Eurasian Brown Bear, as well as Iberian Wolf, Wild Cat and Wild Boar. More commonly encountered wildlife in Spain include Spanish Ibex, Cantabrian Chamois, Red and Roe Deer, and Red Squirrel.

What is the most common animal in Spain?

The most common types of animals native to Spain are the rodents, bats, deer, carnivores (like foxes and badgers), wild boar, goats, several types of insects and spiders, and water and song birds.

What wild animals do Spain have?

Must See Wild Animals in Spain

  • IBERIAN LYNX. The Iberian (or Spanish) lynx is one of the most endangered wild cats in the world. …

How many animals are in Spain?

Within the European continent, Spain is the country with most species of vertebrate animals (570) and vascular plants (7,600). It is estimated that Spain is home to 85,000 species of living things, including both plants and animals.

Are there crocodiles in Spain?

They are widespread in sub-Saharan Africa but not native to Spain. Local police, a group of biologists and SEPRONA, a special nature unit of Spain’s Civil Guard, are patrolling the rivers and setting up lures in the hopes of capturing the animal.

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Are there big cats in Spain?

With its lustrous, spotted coat, kohl-rimmed eyes and tufted ears, the Iberian lynx would not look out of place in Africa or Asia. But this is Europe’s big cat. And the lynx that dozens of people have come out to see today could be the key to saving this species. The cat was once widespread across Spain and Portugal.

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