Your question: Is the H in Spanish the same as the H in English?

The first silent letter in Spanish is the letter H. … When you see the letter C next to an H you need to make a ch sound. This sound is almost identical to the ‘ch’ sound in English. In the Spanish alphabet, the word that represents the letter H is hache.

What does the H in Spanish do?

The Silent Helper. Before we look at some spelling words in Spanish, we need to learn more about the Spanish H. … The H at the beginning of a word can differentiate two words that sound the same. Hola and ola are pronounced the same, but the H helps us know when we are talking about a wave or saying hello.

Do you ever pronounce the H in Spanish?

The letter H is always silent – the word is pronounced as if the h weren’t there at all. (However, note that, as in English, CH is a different sound than C). 2. The letter U is sometimes silent in Spanish, but it has a purpose.

What English sound does the H in Spanish make?

Spanish Consonants Chart

Letter Short Description In words
G Has three sounds: like English H before E or I; like English hard G at beginning of a word before A, O, U or consonant; can be pronounced weaker when in the middle of words gato, gente, agua
H always silent (note that CH is a separate character) hola, hijo
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What is different about the H in Spanish?

The H is always silent. Remove it, the the word will sound exactly the same, like “honour”, “heir”, “hour”,… in English. By the way, the word is “alfabeto”.

What letter sounds like an H in Spanish?

The Spanish Alphabet

Letter Spanish Pronunciation
g ge before a, o, u, like g in “get”; before e, i, like an English h
h hache always silent
i i like ee in “feet”
j jota like the English h

What letter does not exist in Spanish?

Fortunately for English speakers, the official Spanish alphabet now only has the one additional letter that does not appear in the English alphabet: ñ.

What letter is Equis in Spanish?

Alphabet/Spanish alphabet

# Letter (Upper Case) Pronunciation (Name of the Letter)
24 W uve doble / doble u
25 X equis
26 Y ye, i griega
27 Z zeta
Temperamental Spain