Your question: Can you work in Spain with a non lucrative visa?

The Spanish National Immigration Service issues the NLV for two years. After the initial two years, you can renew the NLV for 2 x two-year extensions. You can register dependent family members on your application. You cannot work in Spain on a non-lucrative visa, but you can transfer to a work permit after one year.

Can I work with a non lucrative visa?

Can I invest in Spain with under the Non-lucrative residency? Yes. Even though this visa does not allow you to work in the country, you can realize investments. For example, you can invest in stocks or funds in order to get an extra source of income.

Do you have to pay taxes in Spain with a non lucrative visa?

With the Non Lucrative Visa you become a tax resident in Spain? This permit requires you to stay a minimum of 183 days a year in Spain in order to be able to renew it, in conclusion you will become a Spanish tax resident. Furthermore, you will pay personal income tax on the income you earn worldwide.

How much money do you need to get a non lucrative visa in Spain?

Proof of funds is the core requirement to obtain the non-lucrative visa in Spain. In order to be elegible for a Non Lucrative visa in Spain, the Spanish Government dictates that you must prove having the following income: Monthly Income of 2151,36€ Monthly Income of +537,84€ for each family member in your care.

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How do I get a non lucrative visa for Spain?

Documentation required for your non-lucrative residence visa application

  1. National Visa form and EX01 form must be completed.
  2. Valid passport or travel document recognised as valid in Spain.
  3. Payment of the visa application process.
  4. Certificate proving no criminal record duly legalised or apostilled, valid for 3 months.

How long does a non-lucrative visa last for?

The visa can be renewed every 2 years until you get permanent residency, which is available after 5 years in the country. Although the visa does not allow you to carry out any type of economic or professional activity in Spain, it does not require you to invest in the country to obtain a visa.

How much income do I need for Spanish residency?

If you wish to immigrate in Spain and you have sufficient income to support yourself and your dependents, you may apply for a Non-lucrative residence visa. This visa does not entitle you to work in Spain. You must have income of at least €25,560 annually, plus €6,390 per each additional family member.

How many times can you renew non-lucrative visa Spain?

This card is called a temporary non-lucrative visa. However, once this year comes to an end, you can renew it for two extra years; and once these two years are up, a final renewal for two more years. This must be done 60 days before the end of the year or 90 days after the expiry date.

How much bank balance is required for Spain visa?

To be eligible to travel to Spain you must have a specific minimum amount of money. According to the European Commission, you need to attest owning the overall amount for duration up to 10 days that is representative of a 90% of the gross national minimum wage (636.93 €) that is 573.23€.

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What is the Spanish non-lucrative visa?

A non-lucrative residence visa allows you to reside in Spain without engaging in any remunerated activity. Visa processing may take up to three months. Applicants must lodge their visa applications in person and collect their visas, if approved, also in person.

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