You asked: What does Soro mean in Spanish?

The definition of soro in Spanish is blond, red.

What does Soro mean?

noun. serum [noun] (medical) a watery fluid which is given as an injection to fight, or give immunity from, a disease. whey [noun] the watery part of milk separated from the curd (the thick part), especially in making cheese.

What does the Spanish word AVO mean?

avó [aˈvo , aˈvɔ ] masculine noun, feminine noun. grandfather/mother.

What is Soro Soro in Japanese?

そろそろ sorosoro · そろっと sorotto. (adv, adv-to) slowly; quietly; steadily; gradually; gingerly. (adv) soon; momentarily; before long; any time now.

What do you call a Portuguese grandmother?

Names for Grandmothers and Grandfathers Are Similar

The most commonly used Portuguese name for grandmother is avó. Variations are avozinha, vovó or just vo. Both grandmothers and grandfathers are referred to as avo, but the pronunciation is different.

What does AVO mean in Australia?

An AVO is an Apprehended Violence Order. It is an order to protect victims of domestic violence when they are fearful of future violence or threats to their safety. They are sometimes called restraining orders or protection orders.

Is Avo a valid Scrabble word?

Yes, avo is in the scrabble dictionary.

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