Why Rizal decided to continue his studies in Spain?

Why did Rizal continued his studies in Spain?

Unformatted text preview: Rizal in Spain • • Reasons why Rizal wanted to go to Spain: o To finish medicine o Hidden purposes: To observe and study European society To polish his writing skills To lead the Philippines in its fight against Spain Departure for Spain: o Paciano, Saturnina, Lucia, Antonio Rivera, Valenzuela …

What are the reasons why Rizal decided to go to Spain?

The Reasons why Rizal decided to go to Spain:

  • He was not satisfied with the method of instruction.
  • The practice of racial prejudice to the Filipino students by his professors in UST.
  • To complete his medical course in Spain.
  • To accomplish his “secret mission”

What is the mission of Jose Rizal why he decided to pursue his studies in Spain I to observe keenly the life and culture languages and customs industries and commerce and governments and laws of the European Nations II in order to prepare himself in the mighty task of liberating his oppressed people from Spanish?

Secret Mission – to observe keenly the life and culture, languages and customs, industries and commerce, and governments and laws of the European nations in order to prepare himself in the mighty task of liberating his oppressed people from Spanish tyranny.

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What is the reason why Rizal pursue to study abroad?

Rizal had a personal reason as well as an altruistic reason for his decision to study abroad. He wanted to become an eye specialist in order to cure her mother from an eye ailment. He also wanted to study the cultures, laws and governments of European countries in order to help his countrymen.

Why did Rizal left UST to pursue his studies abroad?

DECISION TO ABROAD finishing the Fourth Year of his medical course, Rizal decided to study in Spain. He could no longer endure the rampant bigotry, discrimination, and hostility in the University of Santo Tomas. He did not seek his parent’s permission and blessings to go abroad; and even his beloved Leonor.

How did Rizal go to Spain?

The website of the Jose Rizal University said Rizal left the Philippines for the first time on May 3, 1882 and headed towards Spain using a passport under the name Jose Mercado, obtained for him by his uncle Antonio Rivera, father of Leonor Rivera. …

What is the aim of Rizal?

Rizal’s chief aim was to reform Philippine society, first by uncovering its ills and second, by awakening the Filipino youth.

What did Rizal study in Spain?

He took courses in medicine at Universidad Central de Madrid as well as painting at Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Calle Alcala.

How was Rizal trip to Europe beneficial to our country?

As he went from one country to another, he had a purpose for each transfer. For one, having very little money. he was looking for the cheapest printing press which could publish his controversial Noli. Secondly, travelling through Europe enabled him to learn new and useful languages and one of these is German.

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How did Rizal describe the feeling of love of the country?

In it he talks of “love of country” which “is never effaced once it has penetrated the heart, because it carries with it a divine stamp..;” that it is “the most powerful force behind the most sublime actions” and for that reason, love of country “of all loves…is the greatest, the most heroic and the most disinterested” …

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