What words talk about other places in Spanish?

What are some words to talk about other places? – Here, there? Near, far? ¿Cuáles son unas palabras para hablar de otros lugares? – ¿Aquí, allí? ¿Cerca, lejos?

What are the different words for saying some in Spanish?

If you’d like to say the word “some” in Spanish, you’d generally use either the pronoun “algunos” (masculine) or “algunas” (feminine).

What are some words to talk about time in Spanish?

Here’s some more Spanish vocabulary about telling time:

  • la hora — “hour”
  • el minuto — “minute”
  • el segundo — “second”
  • el reloj — “clock”
  • el horario — “schedule”
  • la mañana — “morning” (Son las tres de la mañana. — “It is three in the morning.”)
  • la tarde — “afternoon”
  • la noche — “evening”/”night”

What are 2 ways to say a in Spanish?

“A / An” in Spanish

For singular/masculine we use: Un coche. For singular/feminine we use: Una mesa. For masculine plural we use: Unos coches. For plural feminine we use: Unas mesas.

What is Spanish slang for cool?

Chido is a Mexican slang term for “cool.”

How do you say 55 in Spanish?

Print a set of Spanish color word dominoes; each tile has numbers on it in Spanish and symbols 0 through 6 (cero, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis).

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Number English (pronunciation) Spanish (pronunciation)
55 fifty-five (fif-tee-FIVE) cincuenta y cinco (sink-KWEN-tah ee SINK-o)

How do you say 1am in Spanish?

Consequently, when referring to any time between 1 and 2, the expression es la is used as 1am/pm logically counts as a single hour. Although the time in Spanish can be given using both the 12-hour notation and the 24-hour clock, the former system is by far the most common.

How do you say 8am in Spanish?

a las ocho de la mañana [ex.]

Is it rude to say que?

In english, even among friends, it is considered rude to say “what” when you either didn’t hear the person or you didn’t understand, is it the same in spanish….is it rude to say “qué” when you either didn’t understand or missed what a friend has said.

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