What was Rizal’s secret mission in going to Spain?

As it turned out, Rizal’s secret mission was to observe the lives, cultures, laws, and governments of the countries in Europe, in preparation for liberating the Philippines from Spain’s tyrannical rule.

How did Rizal travel to Spain?

Jose Rizal [Travels] Rizal left Philippines for the first time Spain. He boarded the Salvadora using a passport of Jose Mercado, which was procured for him by his uncle Antonio Rivera, father of Leonor Rivera.

What are the reasons why Rizal went to Spain?

The Reasons why Rizal decided to go to Spain:

  • He was not satisfied with the method of instruction.
  • The practice of racial prejudice to the Filipino students by his professors in UST.
  • To complete his medical course in Spain.
  • To accomplish his “secret mission”

What do you think is Rizal’s purpose in going abroad?

Rizal had a personal reason as well as an altruistic reason for his decision to study abroad. He wanted to become an eye specialist in order to cure her mother from an eye ailment. He also wanted to study the cultures, laws and governments of European countries in order to help his countrymen.

What organizations did Rizal join in Spain?

Dr. Rizal joined the freemasonry in Madrid in 1883 at the Acacia Lodge No. 9 Grande Orientes de Espana with the symbolic name of “Dimasalang”, which translates as “Untouchable.”

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Why did his sister Saturnina give him a diamond ring before he left for Spain?

During Rizal’s hardships abroad, Saturnina sent him a diamond ring to help him with his finances. The Saturnina Collection honors the sisterly love of Saturnina to Jose, and how she kept family love in the heart of her brother.

What is Rizal’s main message in Mariano Ponce’s letter?

Of his vision for the Filipinos, Rizal wrote his comrade Mariano Ponce in 1888: “Let this be our only motto: For the welfare of the Native Land.

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