What musical instruments did the Spanish bring to Trinidad?

Musical instruments such as the cuatros, guitars, maracas are all spanish heritage instruments and are used to play many different songs like the song for Maypole.

What did the Spanish brought to Trinidad?

Trinidad remained under Spanish control until eventually seized by the British in 1797. As sugar plantations developed around the island, thousands of African slaves were brought to the island as laborers.

Who came to Trinidad first?

The first settlers in Trinidad and Tobago are reported to have been two First Peoples (aka Amerindian) tribes as early as 5000BC, often described as the Arawaks and the Caribs, though new research has provided a number of alternative narratives.

What music did East Indians bring to Trinidad?

Consequently, the Indians brought their musical instruments with them when they migrated to Trinidad. A number of these musical instruments were previously unknown in the West Indies. These include the tassa, tabla, dholak, majeera, bansoori, sitar and harmonium.

Is Soca a music?

Soca music is a genre of music defined by Lord Shorty, its inventor, as the Soul of Calypso, African and East Indian rhythms. … It is a genre of music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1970s and developed into a range of styles during the 1980s and after.

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Is Spanish spoken in Trinidad?

Only about 1,500 of Trinidad’s 1.3 million citizens speak Spanish, said Pedro Centeno, academic director of the Caribbean Institute of Languages and International Business. … Despite having only one official language for centuries, Trinidad is as diverse economically and visually as it is ethnically.

What are some Spanish festivals in Trinidad?


  • Carnival.
  • Christmas.
  • Divali.
  • Hosay.
  • Phagwah.
  • Maha Shivratri.
  • Calypso.
  • Soca.

Steel Drums

To make these instruments, which are also called pans, experimenters began to hammer and tune the bottoms of drums or oil drum lids to create different pitches. This steel drum is still the most widely-recognized instrument of Calypso music and is played with rubber mallets.

What did the Chinese bring to Trinidad?

The Chinese brought their customs, culture, food, games, traditions and way of dress with them when they came to Trinidad. Even though they have been assimilated into Trinidadian society they still observe some of these customs. The wider Trinidadian society in turn has adopted some of the Chinese heritage.

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