What is Maggie called in Spanish?

What is Maggie Spanish?

Translate “Maggie” to Spanish: pistola semi-automática.

What is Grace’s name in Spanish?


From To Via
• grace → favorafecto ↔ Huld
• grace graciagarbo ↔ Anmut
• grace → graciaaire ↔ zwier
• grace → atractivoencantoatracciónaliciente ↔ charme

What is your mama’s name in Spanish?

¿Cómo se llama tu madre? What is your mother’s name? – Rosemarie.

What is a Maggie in English?

British. a person who hoards small objects. 6. a person who chatters.

Is Maggie a French name?

Maggie is French Girl name and meaning of this name is “Child of Light, Pearl”.

What do Spanish call their parents?

8 Answers. In Spain we use “madre” and “padre” when you refer to your parents (or somebody else’s parents).

How do you say goodnight in Spanish?

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish. Buenas noches is how you say goodnight in Spanish.

What do Mexican mothers call their sons?

5. Mijo/a. This word is short for mi hijo, which translates to “my son.” The feminine version is short for mi hija, which means “my daughter.” They can both be made diminutive, mijito and mijita, respectively.

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What is Maggie short for?

Maggie is a common short form of the name Margaret, Magda, Magdalena, Margarida and Magnolia.

What does the name Maggie mean in the Bible?

Greek, Persian, Hebrew, Irish, Latin : Child of light; pearl; jewel.

What is grammage in Maggi?

grammagenoun. The mass per area of paper measured in grams per square meter: (g/mu00B2).

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