What factors help to explain the rapid Spanish conquest of Central and South America What advantages did the Spanish enjoy?

What factors help explain the rapid Spanish conquest of Central and South America? What advantages did the Spanish enjoy? They had guns and horses, and used disease as a military tool to wipe out the opposition. They also enjoyed that the Aztecs had internal conflicts at this time.

What role did Disease play in the Spanish conquest of the New World and why did the indigenous people have no resistance or immunity?

When Europeans began to explore and colonize other parts of the world, smallpox traveled with them. The native people of the Americas, including the Aztecs, were especially vulnerable to smallpox because they’d never been exposed to the virus and thus possessed no natural immunity.

How did the Spanish conquered the Americas?

By conquering rival tribes, the Aztecs created an empire that stretched between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico (see Source 2). When the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés arrived in 1519, there were around 489 city-states in the Aztec empire, ruled by the powerful ruler Montezuma II (also known as Moctezuma).

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How did Cortes conquered Aztecs quizlet?

How was Hernan Cortes able to conquer the Aztec Empire? Hernan Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec Empire by scaring the natives with the 16 horses, gaining alliances with the other enemies of the Aztec, having superior and better weapons than the natives (like guns), having armor, and having steel.

What disease did the conquistadors bring with them?

Contrary to popular belief, it was not the European guns or fierce soldiers that conquered the native Americans, but instead it was the common childhood illnesses brought from the Old World by the European conquistadors. Diseases such as smallpox, measles, and typhus annihilated most of the American native populations.

What disease killed the Mayans?

In addition to North America’s Native American populations, the Mayan and Incan civilizations were also nearly wiped out by smallpox.

What role does disease play in Spanish conquest of the New World How important is it?

What role did disease play in the Spanish conquest of the Americas? What can this event express about the isolation of these societies? It was crucial in order for the Europeans to be able to conquer the Americas. Because the people of the Americas were so isolated, they had no disease immunity.

Why was Spain so successful in conquering the Americas?

Spanish conquistadors, who were primarily poor nobles from the impoverished west and south of Spain, were able to conquer the huge empires of the New World with the help of superior military technology, disease (which weakened indigenous resistance), and military tactics including surprise attacks and powerful …

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What was a major reason for the end of the Aztec Empire?

A major reason for the end of the Aztec Empire was? Due to the technological advancements that the Spanish conquistadors had.

Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Aztecs quizlet?

Why were the Spanish able to defeat the great Aztec Empire despite their inferior numbers? It was because the Aztecs thought that they were gods so they would not harm them, the disease of smallpox was killing them, and they had better weapons like guns and steel swords.

What enabled the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs?

Battle of Tenochtitlán, (May 22–August 13, 1521), military engagement between the Aztecs and a coalition of Spanish and indigenous combatants. … Cortés’s army besieged Tenochtitlán for 93 days, and a combination of superior weaponry and a devastating smallpox outbreak enabled the Spanish to conquer the city.

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