What are two words that mean some in Spanish?

If you’d like to say the word “some” in Spanish, you’d generally use either the pronoun “algunos” (masculine) or “algunas” (feminine). Using the adjectival form of “some” instead?

What does some means in Spanish?

some Adjective. Translate “some” to Spanish: algunos, algunas, unas, unas cuantas, unos, unos cuantos, varios, alguno que otro. English Synonyms of “some”: an odd number of, one or two, a few, many, several, various, a number of, a series of, divers, manifold, some or other.

What are some Spanish slang words?

The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish

  1. Mucha mierda. Meaning: break a leg. …
  2. Ponerse las pilas. Meaning: get cracking; put one’s skates on. …
  3. Hablar por los codos. Meaning: to be a chatterbox. …
  4. Estar piripi. Meaning: to be tipsy. …
  5. Echar una mano. …
  6. Dejar plantado / dar plantón. …
  7. En un abrir y cerrar de ojos. …
  8. Llueve sobre mojado.

What 4 Spanish words mean the?

The four words to ‘the’ in Spanish and when to use them. EL, LA, LOS Y LAS | LEARN SPANISH WITH SPANGOLIA.

What is the feminine plural in Spanish?

To make feminine nouns plural, the singular article la becomes las, and an –s is added onto the end of the noun as well as the adjective. See the above example of how la rosa blanca (singular) becomes las rosas blancas (plural). And the same goes for masculine nouns, except the plural article of el is los.

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What is UNOS in English?

-When the word is plural “unos” or “unas” means “some”. -When the word is singular “un” or “una” means “a” or “an”.

What is a plural in Spanish?

To form the plural in Spanish, add -s to most nouns ending in a vowel (a, e, i, o or u) which doesn’t have an accent.

What is the plural form of El animal?

Meanings of “plural of animal” in Spanish English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category Spanish
1 Common animales [m/pl]

What does their mean in Spanish plural form?

[ðɛəʳ ] possessive adjective. (with singular noun) su. (with plural noun) sus.

Is Guey a bad word?

Although the word is not always offensive nor an insult between friends, its usage is generally considered uneducated. Thus its usage is limited mostly to friends and trusted acquaintances or among young people.

What do you call a Mexican girlfriend?

Let’s start with the traditional names like “mi amor” and “mi vida.” “Mi amor” simply means “my love” while “mi vida” means “my life.” Some of the most common Spanish pet names include “corazón” and “cielo.” “Mi corazón” means “my (sweet)heart” and “cielo” is the equivalent of “darling” or “honey” in English.

What do you call a Spanish girlfriend?

Chica is a cute and casual term that you can use in Spanish to say ‘girlfriend’. Depending on the context, this expression can be translated either as ‘my girl’ or ‘my girlfriend’. ‘Chica’ can be used either as a way to call your girlfriend or as a way to refer to her when talking to others.

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