Quick Answer: Why Spain has so high unemployment?

Causes. Spain suffers a high level of structural unemployment. Since the economic and financial crisis of the 1980s, unemployment has never dipped below 8%. … One leading cause is an economy based mostly on tourism and building sectors, as well as lack of industry.

Is unemployment high in Spain?

In 2020, the unemployment rate in Spain was 15.67 percent. Today, Spain has the second-highest unemployment rate of all EU states.

Spain: Unemployment rate from 1999 to 2020.

Characteristic Unemployment rate
2020 15.67%
2019 14.1%
2018 15.26%
2017 17.22%

Why is unemployment so high in Spain Quora?

The reason for this high unemployment rate is due, mainly, to rampant speculation in real state and construction in the booming years of spanish economy. For many decades, Spain was one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Why does Europe have high unemployment?

A fall in relative demand with no change in relative wages can only lead to a fall in the relative employment rates of unskilled workers. This may then manifest itself in higher unemployment rates of the unskilled, and hence increased unemployment overall.

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How much is unemployment benefit in Spain?

The amount received as unemployment benefit is established according to the average salary for which you have made contributions (not counting overtime) during the 6 months prior to becoming unemployed. During the first 180 days of unemployment, you will receive 70% of that average and then 50%.

What is Spain’s unemployment rate 2021?

FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast participants expect the unemployment rate to average 17.4% in 2021 and 16.0% in 2022.

Why is Italian youth unemployment so high?

One of the primary causes of youth unemployment in Italy is the transition period between school and work. The Italian education system is unable to transition students from studying to gaining work experience. Once finished with education, young Italians are without experience in the employment market.

What are the negatives of unemployment?

The Disadvantages of Collecting Unemployment Benefits

  • The Opportunity Cost. Collecting unemployment benefits for an extended period results in the opportunity cost of not being able to grow within an organization. …
  • Willingness to Hire Now. …
  • Time and Effort. …
  • Costly Tax Mistakes.

What are the three causes of unemployment?

The following are the main causes of unemployment:

  • (i) Caste System: …
  • (ii) Slow Economic Growth: …
  • (iii) Increase in Population: …
  • (iv) Agriculture is a Seasonal Occupation: …
  • (v) Joint Family System: …
  • (vi) Fall of Cottage and Small industries: …
  • (vii) Slow Growth of Industrialisation: …
  • (ix) Causes of Under Employment:

What are the disadvantages of unemployment?


  • Waste of resources/opportunity cost of lost potential output (PPF)
  • Less economic growth.
  • Redundancies waste resources invested in training & education.
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Can you think in a reason why unemployment is so high in Spain relative to other similar countries?

Causes. Spain suffers a high level of structural unemployment. Since the economic and financial crisis of the 1980s, unemployment has never dipped below 8%. … In the last thirty years, the Spanish unemployment rate has hovered around double the average of developed countries, in times of growth and in times of crisis.

Does Europe have unemployment benefits?

European unemployment insurance (also known as a European unemployment benefit scheme – EUBS) is a proposed transfer system for the Eurozone that is intended to provide macroeconomic stabilization.

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