Question: What is the bank interest rate in Spain?

Spain Money Last Highest
Interest Rate 0.00 4.75
Money Supply M1 1292346.00 1299472.00
Interbank Rate -0.38 15.75
Money Supply M2 1410202.00 1421845.00

What are the interest rates in Spain?


Last Value 0.33%
Last Updated Aug 11 2021, 10:02 EDT
Next Release Sep 10 2021, 10:00 EDT
Long Term Average 3.34%
Average Growth Rate 5.91%

Statutory interest rate in Spain 2002-2020

In 2020 the legal interest rate applied in Spain stood at three percent. Legal interest rate has been stable at three percent for five years on a row. The rate peaked in 2008 and 2009, when it reached 5.5 percent.

Do Spanish banks pay interest?

The table above shows essential details of selected savings accounts products offered to retail customers by the banks in Spain: currency, interest rate per annum and deposit term. The savings accounts terms vary from 1 month to 1 years (12 months). The interest rates are within the range 0.05 – 1.50 %.

Which is the best bank in Spain?

Top Banks in Spain

  • Top banks in Spain include:
  • Banco Santander. Established in Santander in 1857, Banco Santander is the largest of the banks in Spain. …
  • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA) …
  • CaixaBank. …
  • Banco de Sabadell. …
  • Bankia. …
  • Banco Popular Español. …
  • Bankinter.
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What is the current mortgage rate in Spain?

What is the interest rate in Spain? As of August 2020, the average mortgage has an interest rate of 2.49%. The lowest rate ever was 2.47%, very close to the current level!

What is Spain’s inflation rate?

In 2019, the average inflation rate in Spain increased by about 0.7 percent compared to the previous year.

Spain: Inflation rate from 1986 to 2026 (compared to the previous year)

Characteristic Inflation rate compared to previous year
2020 -0.32%
2019 0.7%
2018 1.68%
2017 1.96%

Can I open a Santander account in Spain?

To open a bank account as a non-resident customer, Santander in Spain needs a passport, a proof of residence in the customer’s country, a proof of income or commercial activity. The customer has to be present in the branch in Spain with these documents to be able to open the account.

What are the two types of banks in Spain?

List of Banks in Spain – Different Banks for Different Needs. There are over 165 different banks and two types: bancos (private or publicly owned banks) and cajas (state owned banks, which tend to invest in local projects).

Is Revolut available in Spain?

Revolut has arrived to Spain and is here to stay, as many others Fintech solutions, it is perfect for those that are ready to say good bye to traditional banking.

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