Question: How do you use menos in Spanish time?

If you want to express the time after half past the hour, use menos (less) + the number of the following hour to express the time before the next hour (after half past the hour). Son las cinco menos veinte. (It is 4:40.) You can also express time numerically.

What conjugation do you use for time in Spanish?

(one o’clock), the only hour used with the third person singular form of ser. The following can all be used to say It’s ___ o’clock or It’s (hour) (minute).

What verb is used for time in Spanish?

The verb ser is used to ask or tell time in Spanish. A few examples: ¿Qué hora es? – What time is it? Es la una.

How do you say 9 in Spanish?

In this lesson, you’ll learn the numbers 1-10 in Spanish and practice their pronunciation.

The Numbers 1-10.

Number Spanish Pronunciation
6 seis says
7 siete syay-tay
8 ocho oh-choh
9 nueve nway-vay

How do you say 10 in Spanish?

Ten (10) in Spanish is diez (DYESS).

How do you say 3 45pm in Spanish?

How Would You Say…. It is 3:45 in Spanish?

  1. votes. Son las cuatro menos cuarto. posted by kenwilliams.
  2. vote. Welcome to the forum. We’re a learning site, so we encourage people to try for themselves, first. …
  3. votes. Faltan quince para las cuatro. Son las tres y cuarentaicinco.
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Is estar used for location?

Estar is used to express a person or item’s geographic or physical location. These can be permanent or temporary, real or imaginary.

How do you say 4pm in Spanish?

4:00 pm son las cuatro de la | Spanish Translator. p.m.

How do you say at what time in Spanish?

¿A qué hora?

Is Eres ser or estar?

And here are some examplary sentences related to the acronyms doctor and place which comprise the lists of uses for ser and estar respectively. Yo soy Colombiana. → I am Colombian.

Ser or Estar in Spanish.

Yo (I) soy estoy
Tú (You) eres estás
Él/Ella (He/She) es está
Nosotros/Nosotras (We) somos estamos

Is feelings ser or estar?

Feelings and emotions are considered as temporary states, and this is why we use estar and not ser. It is possible to have the same sort of sentence with ser and the meaning will change. For example: Alejandro es un chico feliz.

How do you say time after 30 minutes in Spanish?

I have learned that when telling time if it’s past 30 you would say the next hour minus the amount of minutes it will take to reach that hour. For example if it’s 4:40 I learned to say: Son las cinco menos veinte.

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