Is there an American Airlines lounge in Madrid?

VIP lounge Velázquez (Iberia) has free access for passengers of AA, class J and F.

Does American Airlines have a lounge?

Admirals Club®

Our membership-based lounge with nearly 50 locations worldwide.

Are AA flagship lounges open?

American Airlines will be reopening its Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining locations later this year, starting with the New York and Miami facilities in September 2021. It’s great to see these lounges finally reopen.

How do I get a free American Airlines lounge?

Government-issued photo ID. Admirals Club membership card or Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ MasterCard® or AAdvantage® elite status card. A boarding pass for same-day travel on an eligible flight.

Can you buy a day pass to American Airlines lounge?

Day passes can be purchased at select locations and are based on lounge capacity. Visitor must present the confirmation of day pass purchase printout (email or screen-print) and valid government-issued I.D. to access a lounge. … Please be sure to check for information on our Admirals Club locations.

Can you sleep in the Madrid airport?

Sleeping or to rest at the airport in fully equipped rooms

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Madrid Airport has an elegant and modern guest room service for hours, fully equipped to sleep or rest comfortably few hours while waiting for your flight departure time.

How early should I get to the Madrid airport?

It is necessary that you arrive to the airport at least two or three hours prior to your flight, in order to check-in your luggage and pass the security controls. Keep in mind there could be many people during holidays or in special days.

Is Madrid airport easy to navigate?

Madrid Airport is large and busy, but generally efficient and easy to navigate overall. It has four passenger terminals, one of which (T3) is currently not in use as of June 2019. … A free shuttle bus connects the four main terminals and runs every five minutes during the day.

Who can use AA Flagship Lounge?

Customers who are eligible to access the Flagship® Lounge as a result of their ConciergeKey status are permitted to bring their immediate family (spouse, domestic partner and/or children under eighteen (18) or up to two (2) guests. All other qualifying customers are not permitted to bring guests.

What’s the difference between Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge?

American has differing level of Admiral’s club in their program, with the top being the Flagship lounges. Only found in hub cities, Flagship lounges offer a much more refined and personalized experience than their lesser standard club cousins.

How much does Admirals Club cost?

Annual rates (USD)

Membership type AAdvantage® AAdvantage® Executive Platinum
Individual – new $650 $550
Individual – renew $600 $500
Household – new $1,250 $1,150
Household – renew $1,200 $1,100
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Temperamental Spain