Is news in slow Spanish worth it?

The intermediate level is ridiculously good value. The beginner level is a great resource for those who have learned some Spanish but feel like they’ve forgotten everything.

Is news in slow Spanish worth it Reddit?

Overall, it’s not worth the money, for a number of reasons. It doesn’t give translations for all of the words – I find this odd. So you’ll have the Spanish and you’ll have maybe 65% of the words highlighted.

How does news in Slow Spanish work?

News in Slow Spanish is a weekly podcast aimed at intermediate-level Spanish students. Native speakers report current events at a reduced but not unnatural pace, making it easier for you to understand without being overloaded by rapid-fire Spanish.

How much does news in Slow Spanish cost?

How much does a subscription cost? $22.90 USD billed monthly, no commitment, no extra costs or contracts.

Is news in slow Spanish free?

(04/07/2018 update) It seems that the Spanish podcast “News in Slow Spanish” now offers mainly paid content. A subscription to their content library is quite pricy (currently about $23/month).

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

7 of the Best Ways to Learn Spanish

  1. Download an app on your phone. …
  2. Subscribe to a Spanish-language podcast. …
  3. Watch the news in Spanish. …
  4. Start a conversation club. …
  5. Carry a Spanish-English dictionary with you… …
  6. Sign up for a language class. …
  7. Spend time in a Spanish-speaking country.
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Is Linguistica 360 free?

Give it a try with our free app, which offers a portion of our weekly program: Two news stories per language every week with no payment and no need to sign up. Just download and play!

How much does yabla cost?

A membership to Yabla costs $12.95 per month, $54.95 for six months, or $99.95 per year. When you buy a membership, you only get access to one language.

Is Coffee Break Spanish free?

We offer free content in the form of audio podcasts for each of the seasons of Coffee Break Spanish. In the audio podcasts you’ll be able to build your understanding of French and hear how words are pronounced. However, there’s no guidance on how the words are written.

Is SpanishPod101 worthwhile?

Overall, I think SpanishPod101 offers pretty good value. The basic plan at $8 per month gives you access to a really extensive resource. … Most people would probably get enough out of just using the Basic Plan and downloading the lesson notes. But, for some, spending the bit extra on the Premium Plan could be worth it.

How can I learn Spanish online?

The 11 Best Free Online Spanish Courses

  1. Duolingo.
  3. edX.
  4. Live Lingua.
  5. Lengalia.
  6. Coursera.
  7. FluentU.
  8. Learn Practical Spanish Online.
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