How is Spanish CLEP scored?

The Spanish CLEP is the one exam where your score determines the number of credits you earn. A score of 50 (out of 80) is considered a pass, but it only nets you six credits. You have to score a 63 to earn the full nine credits at most colleges.

How is the Spanish CLEP test graded?

Your raw score increases by 1 point for each question answered correctly. that ranges from 20, the lowest, to 80, the highest. This scaled score is the score that appears on your score report.

Is 67 a good CLEP score?

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends a credit-granting score of 50 for each CLEP exam. This is a scaled score, equivalent to earning a C in the relevant course.


Exam Title B-Level Score
Financial Accounting 65
Information Systems 66
Introductory Business Law 57
Principles of Management 63

Does CLEP affect GPA?

Do CLEP exams affect your GPA? No, CLEP exams are almost always considered pass or fail. Because they don’t receive letter grades, they aren’t factored into your GPA. On your transcript, they will be indicated with either a “P” (pass) or “F” (fail), or less commonly, “CR” (credit) or “NC” (no credit).

Do you get your CLEP score right away?

Your score is available to you as soon as you take the exam.

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Is Spanish CLEP exam easy?

If you are starting from zero, or with a very limited knowledge of Spanish, most experienced students will tell you that it is one of the most difficult CLEP exams you can prepare for.

Are CLEP exams hard to pass?

CLEP exams are not difficult. Most of the exams are multiple-choice, and there is no penalty for guessing. Study guides are available to help you prepare. Some people have used study guides to pass CLEP exams in a very short period of time with no prior knowledge of the subjects.

Can you cheat on a CLEP test?

Penalties for Cheating on the CLEP* Test

At the very least, you will fail the exam and will not be able to take it again for 6 months, if at all. … If nothing else, it will go on your academic record, and any further cheating will be punished severely.

How long does it take to study for CLEP?

But usually studying for 1 CLEP Exam could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It’s Quite Simple for any kind of Exam. If you give maximum devoted time to your Exam preparation the more deeply you know about the exam.

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