How do I get a Spanish NIF number?

How do I get a NIF number in Spain?

What is the process? The process of getting a NIF number is through the completion of a census declaration (Model 036) at the Tax Agency. The forms can be found online at the Spanish Tax Agency website and the process does not carry any cost.

What is Spanish NIF number?

NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal): This is the generic term for the tax ID number for all individuals. For Spaniards, it’s the DNI. For foreigners, it is your NIE. For people registered as freelancers (autónomos), you will use your NIF on your invoices to clients.

How do I get a Spanish NIE number?

How do I get my NIE number in Spain

  1. Fill out the NIE application form (EX-15), and print. You can also obtain this form at any NIE office. …
  2. Whether you are in Spain or not, an appointment at the Police Station or Oficina de Extranjeros must be scheduled in order to obtain the NIE number.
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Can I get a Spanish NIE number in the UK?

NIE numbers are issued by the National Police of Spain (same authority that issues Spanish passports and ID cards). You can apply for a NIE number in person, at the Consulate of Spain. There are three Spanish consulates in UK: London, Manchester and Edinburg.

What is a NIF number?

NIF stands for Número de Indentificação Fiscal, i.e. Tax Identification Number but is most commonly referred to as a NIF (pronounced niff) or (número de) Contribuinte, i.e. Taxpayer number. … Your 9-digit NIF number is unique to you and doesn’t need to be renewed.

What is the difference between NIF and NIE in Spain?

​Generally speaking, the Tax Identification Number (NIF) for Spanish citizens is the number on the National Identification Document (DNI). For Non-Spanish citizens, is the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE). … – Foreigner individuals not allowed to apply for a NIE.

How do I get a NIF?

Getting your NIF in person

  1. Step one: Locate your closest Finanças. …
  2. Step two: Get address proof from your “home country” …
  3. Step three: Bring your address proof and ID to Finanças. …
  4. Step four: Get your NIF on the spot. …
  5. Step five: There is no step five.

What is the difference between CIF and NIF in Spain?

There are three different Spanish tax numbers that are used for a wide range of legal, economic, and social activities: the NIF (for Spanish citizens), the NIE number (for non-citizens such as foreign residents or non-residents with property in Spain), and the CIF (for businesses).

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Is NIF and VAT number the same?

The Spanish VAT number is known in Spain as “Número de Identificación Fiscal” (short form: NIF) and is a prerequisite for European trade. Originally, the Spanish VAT number was known as “Código de Identificación Fiscal”.

How much does it cost to get an NIE number in Spain?

As a non-European Union citizen you must pay a NIE Spain number tax fee around 10.71 euro. On the application form it will identify that you must bring the tax amount to a bank with Form 790. The bank will give you a receipt (resguardo). Take the receipt to the location where you had your appointment.

What documents do I need for residency in Spain?

Residency card

  • NIE, or your foreigner’s tax number.
  • Your S1 form if you are a pensioner or proof of Spanish health insurance if not.
  • Proof of fee payment for the residencia application (paid at any Spanish bank)
  • The completed residency application form.
  • Passport.
  • Two passport size photos.
  • Proof of income.

How much is an NIE number in Spain?

How much is a NIE number in Spain? The actual cost is less than 15€. Pay attention, you need to pay this in Cash at some consulates.

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