Frequent question: What is another word for but in Spanish?

Pero is the most common way to say “but” in Spanish.

What does Buu mean in Spanish?

“buu” English translation

buu {interj.} boo!

Whats the difference between Pero and Sino?

Pero is used to add more information to a previous statement. It can be translated as ‘but’, ‘however‘, ‘nevertheless’. Sino is used to contradict or correct a previous statement. It means ‘but’, ‘but rather’ and ‘but instead’.

What conjunction means but in Spanish?

Pero, Sino, and Mas

These three conjunctions can all be translated as but, but they’re not interchangeable.

How do you write BAE in Spanish?

How do you say “bae” in Spanish? – It’s “amor.”¿Cómo se dice “bae” en español? – Se dice “amor”.

What does boo mean in a relationship?

According to the multiple slang dictionaries, boo is an affectionate term for referring to your significant other. Mostly, people call their boyfriends and girlfriends boo, especially on social media. However, sometimes this term can also be used for expressing endearment towards your family members and close friends.

What does Perro mean in Spanish slang?

“Perro”means Dog, but can be use as an insult or a offensive term a word that is said to describe someone in a offensive manner, the same reason and meaning you would use “perro” / “Dog” in english or spanish this word does not change at all it is applied the same way or similar situations.

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What Pero means?

però conjunction. but [conjunction] used to show a contrast between two or more things. yet [conjunction] but; however. (Translation of pero from the PASSWORD Italian–English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

How do you use sino in Spanish?

‘Sino’ could be translated as ‘but rather‘, ‘but on the contrary’ or ‘but instead’ and it is used to say something negative or the opposite or contradicts something said earlier. Juan no es tonto, sino inteligente. Juan is not stupid, but he is intelligent.

What are 2 ways to say a in Spanish?

“A / An” in Spanish

For singular/masculine we use: Un coche. For singular/feminine we use: Una mesa. For masculine plural we use: Unos coches. For plural feminine we use: Unas mesas.

WHAT IS A in Spanish mean?

The Spanish preposition “a” is often thought of as the equivalent of “to”—but in fact, it has far more uses. “A” can also be the equivalent of “on,” “at,” “from,” “by” or “in.” In many cases, it is not translated at all.

What does some means in Spanish?

some Adjective. Translate “some” to Spanish: algunos, algunas, unas, unas cuantas, unos, unos cuantos, varios, alguno que otro. English Synonyms of “some”: an odd number of, one or two, a few, many, several, various, a number of, a series of, divers, manifold, some or other.

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