Does Drake speak Spanish fluently?

Drake speaks Spanish and has flexed the language in some of his songs. Coming from a Jewish and African American background, Drake appreciates cultural diversity, as can be seen with his inclusion of Spanish lines and other languages in his music.

What song does Drake speak French?

Not to mention, throughout the song, Drake references Paris, France, and even includes a bit of French lyrics, like “je suis ton génie,” which translates to “I am your genie.” If you didn’t know, Brussaux is French, and her and Drake’s son, Adonis, has also developed a French accent.

Does Romeo Santos speak Spanish?

English is my first language, but musically speaking, I write my music in Spanish. When I go into [the English-language] world now I have to depend on writers and producers.

Does Mabel know Spanish?

Mabel on Twitter: “Trilingual. I speak English, Swedish and body language … ”

Did Beyonce sing listen in Spanish?

“Listen” is a song recorded by American singer Beyoncé. … The Spanish version of the song, “Oye“, was released on the EP, Irreemplazable, and the Spanish deluxe edition of B’Day.

Did Drake rap in French?

No one knows explicitly whether or not Drake speaks French, however, it is likely that he does not. This is because Toronto does not contain a large number of French speakers, and Drake has not proven otherwise in any interviews or songs. However, he may just be keeping it to himself.

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Does Drake sing in French?

Drake Sings In French For The First Time In A Preview Of Even More New Music. … Drake has surely spent some time surrounded by the language during his upbringing in Canada: Additionally, Drake also played a new song of his with Roddy Ricch, which Boi-1da teased during an Instagram Live battle with Hit-Boy back in March.

Who is Mabels dad?

Temperamental Spain