Can a UK citizen open a business in Spain?

Spain enjoys a lot of freedom when it comes to starting a business in Spain. The country doesn’t discriminate whether you are a foreigner or a local citizen. The fact that everybody is allowed to operate a business makes it even more popular in the European region.

Can a non resident open a business in Spain?

No matter if you are a foreigner or a local citizen of Spain, everybody is allowed to start your business in the country. The only requirement is that you are a legal resident.

How do I start a business in Spain from UK?

How to start a business in Spain as an expat

  1. Ensure you have a foreigner’s tax identification number (NIE)
  2. Register the company name with the Mercantile Registry (Registro Mercantil Central or RMC)
  3. Get a company tax identification number (CIF)
  4. Open a business bank account.
  5. Sign the deed of incorporation.

How can a foreigner start a business in Spain?

Foreigners wishing to start a business in Spain must apply for a residence and self-employed work permit. If they have permanent residence there, there will be no need to do so and you will only have to comply with the same requirements that are required for native Spaniards.

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How easy is it to open a business in Spain?

Sole trader / freelance professional

This is the easiest kind of business to set up so if your business is just you – at least to begin with – becoming an autonomo is probably the best first step. First, you’ll need to register for tax by visiting your nearest tax office with your passport and your NIE.

Can I set up a business in Spain after Brexit?

Types of companies you can register in Spain after Brexit

Depending on the type of company and activities you want to start in Spain, foreign investors must register either a limited liability company (SL or Sociedad Limitada) which is similar to Ltd or a public limited company (SA or Sociedad Anónima).

Can I live in Spain if I buy a business?

All foreign business owners have the opportunity to become resident in Spain, and this will not change after 1 January 2021. … This basically means that you will be considered an EU resident in Spain and have identical rights to those enjoyed by other EU citizens in the country.

Can you run a business from home in Spain?

You can work from home in Spain without problems providing that you do not do anything to upset your neighbors. Some rental contracts state that you cannot run a business from the property. If you are running a business from home then, by law you need to be self-employed for tax purposes.

Is Spain a good place to start a business?

Is Spain a good place to start a business? Honestly, the answer is a capital “YES”. A lot of people including expats have started their businesses in the Kingdom of Spain; it is one of the best places to start a business in Europe.

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How much does it cost to register a business in Spain?

There’s no fixed cost. It would depend on several factors (such as: initial share capital, number of partners, extension of the incorporation deeds, …). The costs for setting-up an ordinary limited company (3,000 euros initial share capital, with 1-4 shareholders usually are: 3,000 € (initial share capital).

What is the best business in Spain?



What documents does an investor need to provide to open a business in Spain?

Amongst the main incorporation requirements for company formation in Spain, we mention the following:

  • provide a copy of the parent company’s articles of association, certificate of incorporation and memorandum;
  • obtain a notarized power of attorney and a Spanish tax identification number;
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