Best answer: How is Easter celebrated in Barcelona?

Barcelona does not have many Easter processions but there are a few. There is a procession on Palm Sunday in the Raval area of the Ciutat Vella, but most Barcelona Easter parades are on Good Friday which is called ‘divendres Sant’ in the Catalan language and ‘viernes Santo’ in the Spanish language.

What is the most significant event in Barcelona during Semana Santa?

Easter Parades in Barcelona

Probably the most significant event in Barcelona during Semana Santa is Palm Sunday. A procession takes place in the Ciutat Vella known as La Burreta commemorating the arrival of Jesus in Bethlehem on a donkey.

Does Barcelona shut down over Easter?

Easter Sunday (04 April)

Easter Sunday, like every other Sunday in Barcelona, most of the shops are closed. Many of the restaurants are also closed, however many will be open to serve those enjoying family holiday meals. There are many masses and religious processions occurring throughout the day.

How is Good Friday celebrated in Spain?

El Viernes Santo, or Good Friday, honors the day Jesus died on the cross and is a day of fasting and repentance for sinful acts. In a penance procession, penitents wear long hooded robes and march through the streets carrying wooden crosses. Meat is also not eaten on this day.

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